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Sunday 3 December 2023 | 9:14 pm | 14 comments


   The world has failed them... It's normal for them humans to lose hope, to feel exhausted, to bleed. Can't blame them. They have been holding on for too long. Their brains tell them to be patient but their hearts ask until when? It's already reached to the points where it al becomes too much. They are humans. They will break down, they bleed! 

   It's unfair. We're living a good life here while they are fighting there to live. It's almost two month. Almost Ramadhan.. The world leaders are still sleeping. Even if they keep on exposing and exposing, nobody is doing anything! Our hearts and eyes are still blind. We continue to sink ourselves in this temporary dunya. Nobody is doing anything to stop this genocides! 

   Some of you guys still want to remain silence. Still on doubting boycotting and even worst want to stay neutral. Don't say that Palestinians are dying, it's you all who is actually death! What will be your answer to your Lord about this? What is your jihad? Ask yourself! 

   I'm so mad at the world. People are too scared to fight for them. Palestinians deserve to live in the Palestine! Zionists want you to believe that you can't do anything but it's totally WRONG. Every voices are matter! We actually can make a difference!

   The history will never forgive and forget.. This is why The Judgement day exist! Nobody can get away with THIS! Allah SWT is not sleeping. Allah SWT is above everything! 

   Palestine still need your voices! Raise your voices for Palestine! Keep on demanding for a #PermanentCeaseFire and #FreePalestine! InshaAllah, Palestine will be free and  Palestinians will live in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. 

   Dear Palestine, 

Please, don't go down yet. Don't lose hope. Indeed Allah SWT is with you. Please believe that there are a thousands beautiful things waiting for you. Believe that with every hardships, there is relief. I promise, your hopes, your duas' have went far past the ceiling, far past the clouds, and above the seven skies. Allah did not just hear your voice, He heard your heart's cries. Please do not lose hope. One day, you will watch the free beautiful Palestine. 

   These are some pictures and words from Palestinians' journalists that broke my heart. 

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free! Gaza, please don't go down...


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